Music Downloads

Sit back and have a listen to some of our music. All of our tracks are recorded live in the studio so this is what we sound like at our performances. Click on the songs below to listen to the mp3 files.

Interpretive Covers

  1. Stormy Weather
  2. Here There and Everywhere
  3. Moondance Full Length mp3 download
  4. What a Wonderful World
  5. Route 66


  1. Magical Minstrels
  2. Who's To Say Full Length mp3 download
  3. Play A Waltz
  4. Children of the DragonFull Length mp3 download
  5. Prayer of Peace
  6. Quicksand Full Length mp3 download

GALEN - Solo Accoustic Guitar

  1. Misty
  2. Georgia
  3. I'm On My Way Back Home (İRankin/Hunsucker BMI)
  4. A Foggy Day Full Length mp3 download
  5. Sholing Rd. Rag (İRankin/Hunsucker BMI)

Original Instrumentals

  1. The Bridge
  2. Unknown Voyage Full Length mp3 download


This is a sampling of our current setlist. We have over 4 hours of material to play your event or venue.

Stormy Weather
Here,There and Everywhere
What A Wonderful World
Route 66
Magical Minstrels
Who's To Say
Play a Waltz
Children of the Dragon
Prayer of Peace
The Bridge
Unknown Voyage


All original songs copyright RANKIN and HUNSUCKER---BMI
All vocals - Lisa Rankin and Galen Hunsucker
All instruments played by Lisa Rankin and Galen Hunsucker

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